Strawberry Perl with Cream - 5.12.3 v3 released

Strawberry Perl is great but for my recent Advanced Perl training class I needed a package that included the latest version of Padre, the Perl editor with the oversize ego and a number of other modules. Eg. Try::Tiny, Moose and Dancer.

So first I zipped all the files in the c:\Strawberry directory of my own Windows machine and posted about it: Padre 0.84 on Strawberry Perl 5.12.3 released. Then, based on the response of Curtis Jewell I further improved the package and now, with help from Mark Dootson, I managed to build a self installing package that already configures itself.


We still have not moved it to the main download page of Padre but you can already find the download link on our wiki at the top.

The package contains a lot of modules. It contains DBD::mysql, DBD::Pg and DBD::SQLite that came with Strawberry Perl already and it also contains MongoDB.

All the dependencies of Task::Kensho were added (e.g. Log::Dispatch, Try::Tiny, Moose, POE, DBIx::Class and a lot more). It also includes Dancer with several plug-ins.

For Moose I added MooseX::StrictConstructor and MooseX::Singleton into the mix.

For the more office related people there are Spreadsheet::ParseExcel, Spreadsheet::WriteExcel, Excel::Writer::XLSX and Spreadsheet::WriteExcelXML.

Of course it also includes Wx as it is used by Padre and two main plug-ins for using Perl::Critic and Perl::Tidy.

The use of enhanced compression by Inno Setup also mean that the download size is not 44 Mb instead the 80 Mb I had in the previous edition even though I added a lot more CPAN modules. The installed size is almost 300 Mb.

How to call the kid?

As for naming I am unsure. I started to call it Padre-on-Strawberry when it was mostly about making it easy to distribute Padre but now that so many other things are already packaged, Padre is just one component. So I started to consider calling it some other name. E.g. Strawberry with Cream but I am not sure if that would not cause confusion. I certainly don't want to pose as a replacement of Strawberry. In the best case it is a derivative of the official Strawberry Perl release.

Anyway. If you have an MS Windows box, please give it a try and let me know what do you think.