Support the public work of Gabor Szabo

There are many people who ask me how could they (financially) support the volunteer work I do and share freely with the public.

Let me list a number of ways:

  • Patreon is excellent for a monthly or annual support, but you could also "subscribe and then immediately cancel the next payment" for a one-time support.
  • GitHub allows for both monthly and one-time support.
  • PayPal
  • Books and courses on LeanPub - You can buy my eBooks and courses on LeanPub. The nice thing with LeanPub is that you can pay any amount above the minimum I set.
  • Courses on Teachable - I have a lot more courses available on my Teachable site.
  • Follow me like and reshare my work

Published on 2022-08-05 by Gabor Szabo