Switching Gears? Changing direction?

I have been struggling with what I am doing for quite some time.

I keep seeing the evidence that the user-base of Perl is shrinking. While you can't see from these numbers, but the Perl Maven has not gaing more readers since February 2015.

But I still love to explain stuff about Perl.

For almost 2 month I have not published any articles for the Perl Maven Pro users. Mostly because I was way too busy at my clients.

Then about a month ago I posted a call for authors. It took some time, but it seems soon we are going to see articles from other authors as well.

In the meantime, while still very busy at my clients, I had a new surge in energy and managed to publish 7 articles in the last 9 days.

Some of those were about plain JavaScript, some about AngularJS, but the majority was still Perl.

I thought I should actually focus a lot more on things that are not Perl. Technologies that attract a lot more interest these days.

I could merge the back-end and the userbase of the Perl Maven site, the Code Maven site and maybe even the Perl 6 Maven site.

Then it would make a lot more sense to convert the "Perl Maven Pro" subscribers to "Code Maven Pro" subscribers and give them articles about everything. Including Perl.

Published on 2016-02-06 by Gabor Szabo