TAP - Test Anything Protocol

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Welcome back

After the summer vacation, starting with the new school-year I am resuming the Test Automation Tips.

Instead of a set of examples this time I'll give an overview of TAP, the Test Anything Protocol.

TAP - Test Anything Protocol

RFC #### or TAP as an IETF standard

Recently the IETF together with some of the core TAP developers have started a process to turn TAP into an RFC.

This can be a big help in getting cross platform and cross language test running and reporting done. For details check out the TAP_at_IETF:_Notes

Your input will be appreciated there!

Testing Automation Planet

Some time ago I setup an content aggregator planet for test automation blogs. Appropriately I called it TAP, though it stands for Testing Automation Planet and not for Testing Anything Planet.
At least today.

Anyway, you are welcome to read it and suggest other blogs I should include.

TIP - Testing in Python

Recently I have stumbled upon a great mailing list called TIP - Testing in Python. While obviously it is mostly concerned about Python related things there are discussions that are interesting even if you are not a Python programmer.

QA Hackathon

There was a very successful QA Hackathon in Oslo in April 2008 where among other things the IETF process has started.

There are going to be at least two similar events in 2009.

One, the Israeli QA Hackathon is planned to be in February in Israel focusing on TAP in a cross language setting.

The other QA Hackathon is planned to be in April in Birmingham, UK which looks like more focused on the Perl aspects.