Next Tel Aviv Perl Mongers meeting on 29th June 2011

The next meeting of the Tel Aviv Perl Mongers will take place on 29th June in the Shenkar College. For detailed address see the web site.

We meet at 6:30pm, and talks begin at 7:00pm.

After the technical meeting we plan to go to a restaurant to build our off-line social network.

The agenda is as follows:

Scraping A Cookbook by ynon perek

I recently got a chance to convert a live web site into an iPhone app.

The process involved deciding which parts will go into the app, how it will look, and scraping the content to an SQLite db that was to be deployed on the iPhone (along with an app).

In the talk, I will present some of the perls I used to get/convert the textual and image data, and use them to talk about XPath, DOM and SAX for digging the "right" data.

Duration: 40 minutes

#myjourneytoperl - graphing a meme by Dotan Dimet

On March 30th, at the urging of Matt Trout, perl people on Twitter posted text graphs showing their path to Perl from and through other programming languages. Inspired by the directed graph format used, I decided to capture these posts and combine them into a single giant graph which I would render using the graphviz toolkit. I'll talk about the tools I used (Mojolicious, GraphViz, the twitter JSON api), the problems I encountered (Unicode!) and the snapshot of the Perl community that emerged.

Duration: 15 minutes

Writing a blog engine in 15 minutes by Gabor Szabo

We will create a single-user blog engine based on Dancer.

It will be especially easy for people who are using Windows as they can download a single package that has everything they need.

Duration: 15 minutes

Published on 2011-06-19 by Gabor Szabo