Test Automation: joy and value!

As a CTO or VP R&D of software development probably one of the best investment in your teams is to teach them the joy and the value in writing automated tests for themselves.

Yes, I think it can provide both!

Not only unit-tests, but also integration and maybe even acceptance tests.

After the initial learning curve they will soon realized that doing this extra work actually reduces the overall time they spend on each feature - especially if we take into account all the time they waste after QA or the users report a bug. More importantly - for them - it will reduce the unpleasant fear of "what did I break" and the unpleasant interaction with QA who complain about recurring bugs.

This will bring you a lot closer to being Agile than any Scrum would do. It will be a great step to introduce DevOps practices.

Published on 2021-02-17 by Gabor Szabo