Test Automation using Perl classes

The conference season is warming up and so I'll start offering my Test Automation using Perl training class so I can have an excuse to go to the workshops and conferences. Here is the schedule:

  • March 15-18, Tel Aviv, Israel
  • Apr 13-16 Vienna, Austria, right after the QA Hackathon
  • May 17-20, Stockholm, Sweden, (no workshop here but I cannot make it to NPW in Rekyavik on 1-2/May)
  • June 1-4, Stuttgart, Germany, just before the German Perl Workshop
  • June 15-18, Columbus, Ohio, USA, the week before YAPC::NA

The first one in Berlin is a bit tight in the schedule now but I hope there will be enough people interested to warrant opening the class.

The class is 4 days long. Details can be found here: Test Automation using Perl. For pricing please contact me directly via e-mail.

Related announcement in German

Published on 2010-02-01 by Gabor Szabo