Announcing the "Test Automation using Perl" e-book

For many years I believed that testing, and writing automated test is one of the fields where Perl can shine.

The Perl community has a very strong social culture of writing tests.

It is a social pressure much stronger than the expectation to write documentation.

This provides the background for Perl to be a great language for writing automated test. Not only for applications written in Perl, but for any application.

The Test Automation using Perl e-book aims to help people learn how to write unit tests for their Perl modules and how to use Perl to test anything,

If I was a good sales person, I'd have made lots of noise and get you all really enthusiastic about the upcoming e-book.

Instead of that, I just decided I should go forward with the publication and made the e-book available for early birds.

The Test Automation using Perl e-book is based on the material I have been using in the training classes in the last couple of years.

It contains the slides extended with the narrative.

It is not "finished" in the sense that I am going to add a lot more material to it, but it is already quite good. I think.

The reason I decided to go forward and make it available now, instead of waiting till it is "finished" is that it would be great to get feed-back from the readers.

The income is also not neglectable. I could ask for some kick-start money, telling people I'll work really hard to produce the material, but I think the people who put some money on the table should already get some value in return. Like now.

And they get quite a lot.

The current version of the e-book is in PDF format and has 162 pages.

The first part introduces the testing framework of Perl, the Test Anything Protocol (TAP) and a number of modules in the Test::* namespace.

The second half introduces various techniques interacting with databases, web sites, command line interface (CLI) and even MS Windows desktop applications.

Oh and it is available at an early-bird discount rate. Less than 50% of the full price.

Oh and if you buy it now, you will get all future updates as well. Without any further payment.

Published on 2012-09-25 by Gabor Szabo