Test automation using Perl master class in Chicago

For the first time in the USA, I am going to teach a shortened version of my Test automation using Perl course. It will take place along the other master classes on June 19-20, 2008, the two days right after YAPC::NA.

Thanks to brian d foy, who organizes these master classes people can already register.

brian also told me that I should take care of all the promotion so I have already posted about it on use.perl.org and I have put a link about it on CPAN::Forum. Later I think I'll buy some advertisements on Google as well.

To add more to the promotion I should also say that the is a quite a rare opportunity as AFAIK there is no one else teaching such course and I don't know when am I going to be able to teach it again in the US. In addition the idea behind the master classes is that you can learn this stuff at a fraction of the normal cost of the courses. They are given at such price partially as a promotion to YAPC itself.

Published on 2008-05-13 by Gabor Szabo