Test Automation using Perl Training in Frankfurt, Germany

Finally I have the location and the dates of the Test Automation using Perl Training in Frankfurt, Germany.

It will take place between 2-4/March 2009, just after the German Perl Workshop.

The location is Westendstraße 16, Frankfurt

The content will be similar to the course I gave in Oslo, Norway in April 2008 extended with several chapters. About 30-40% of the time will be spent on hands-on exercises.

The course has two major parts as outlined below:

Learning about the unit-testing framework of Perl

  • Introduction to testing, why, when, who and how ?
  • Understanding the basic tasks of the QA engineer
  • Introduction to TAP - the Test Anything Protocol
  • Testing tools in Perl for testing Perl Modules (Test::Simple, Test::More)
  • Common reporting framework (Test::Harness, Smolder)
  • Extending the testing framework (Test::Builder)
  • Extra (Setting up continuous integration (smoke testing))

How to use Perl to test anything else?

  • Command Line Interface applications
  • Testing network devices with CLI interface
  • Testing Web application
  • Web 2.0 application testing
  • Database testing
  • Testing file-systems
  • Microsoft Windows GUI applications
  • X-Windows testing
  • A few words about XP - Extreme Programming
  • Building random regression testing tool

It is required that students have at least 6 month of experience in writing Perl code.

Length of the course is 24 academic hours - 3 full days.

If you are interested in pricing and availability, please contact me by e-mail at Gabor Szabo <szabgab@gmail.com> .

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Published on 2009-01-13 by Gabor Szabo