Testing results, Perl and CPAN module availability

I am not sure if this is really a problem, but my gut feeling is that if there was more information about what kind of things one can do with Perl on various platforms (e.g. Unixes, Linux, Windows etc.) it would encourage more people to use Perl. Theoretically one could always install most of the CPAN module on every platform, but people, especially the managerial types, want to see some assurance that the stuff is out there for them to use on the platforms they need.

So I would like to increase the available information about Perl and CPAN modules on various platforms and further more I would like to increase the choice of modules on those platforms. For this some time ago I created a report of some cross platform statistics from the reports of the CPAN Testers. Recently I started to patch [dist://CPAN::WWW::Testers], the module generating the CPAN Testers web site to include the same reports so they will be in once accessible location. I hope that will be deployed soon.

On a separate project I asked the Wisdom of the PerlMonks if there is one or how to create a cross reference of the actual CPAN modules included in various distributions. I was pointed to relevant site listing all the Perl packages on Ubuntu Dapper. That's a good start.

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