Thank you for YAPC::NA!

I should write a more detailed report on how was YAPC::NA for me but for now I just would like to say thank you! I am a bit afraid to thank them one by one as I might miss some of the names but the people I had most interaction were:

Heath Bair, the Chairman of YAPC::NA 2010 who did a terrific job getting the things together. Len Jaffe who made the T-shirts and also helped me with the T-shirts I was selling. Rob Kinyon who took care of all the talks and landed me far too many talk in the last minute. Jonathan Hogue who not only was an organizer but who also let me stay at his place the night before and after YAPC. Not only the money saving but the fact that I can be with real people and not in a hotel room make a lot of difference! Gary (Henderson ?) is not even a Perl hacker but he spent so many hours in the hospitality room and helped so many people that it is hard to know how to thank him for this.

Krishna Sethuraman was not a local organizer but he spent lots of time setting up the video and running around making sure the cameras are recording. He also picked me up at the airport and helped me a lot getting around.

Thanks to all of you!

And now something else but related. There were a number of people at YAPC::NA who came to me and said thank you for starting Padre, you know the Perl IDE, or for my Perl promotional work. It was awesome feeling. There are some really nice people in the Perl community. This can give energy even when other things make me unhappy. (see yesterdays blog) Thank you too!

Some pictures of YAPC::NA 2010.

Published on 2010-06-30 by Gabor Szabo