The first 100 weeks of the Perl Weekly

Today I am sending out the 100th edition of the Perl Weekly newsletter.

So where are we after 100 weeks?

Thank you

First of all let me thank Yanick Champoux, who took the hat of the editor for quite a few issue of the newsletter, and Shlomi Fish, who proofread at least half of the Perl Weekly issues.

Then let me also thank all the subscribers:

There are 4,599 e-mail subscribers, 516 people are following the RSS feed, 752 follow the Perl Weekly via Twitter, 212 liked it on Facebook, and somewhere between 3.6K and 4,491 put it in their Google+ circle.

Thank you! All of you!


I think finally, after 100 weeks, I managed to fix all the Unicode issues :)

The clever words

I guess, I should have some clever words here, or at least some statistics about number of posts and the diversity of readers, but maybe I just leave that to the upcoming second anniversary.

For now, let me tell you how could you help the future of the Perl Weekly. There are several things:

How can you help the Perl Weekly?

Publish more

If you run a Perl based project, anythin between simple command line tool, through a CPAN module, a major application, or even a Perl-based product, post about the releases. Not just on your IRC channel. Not even just on your mailing list, but on a web site. Preferably on the web site of your project, but if it does not have one, then on or on

Even better, put the official announcement on the web site of the project and then post a short note to either of those sites linking to the announcement.

Having more content available will make the Perl Weekly also more interesting.

And as a side effect your project might get a few new users and even contributors.

Oh, and while I follow RSS feeds, I don't mind if you pitch an article for inclusion. I am sure you know how to find me.

Recommend the Perl Weekly

Link to it from your web site, with a plain text link or with one of the banners, Tweet when a new edition is out, paste the new edition to your Google+ followers, or just stand on the corner of a street and tell people why they would want to subscribe.

Sponsor it

If you run a company, you might want to sponsor one or more issues of the Perl Weekly. The sponsorship includes a few lines of ad-space for your Perl jobs. See, for example issue 90

Support it

As an individual you might also be ready to support it financially. You can do it via my other Perl-related site, by registering to the Perl Maven Pro. Not only will you enable me to continue working on the Perl Weekly, but as a bonus you will also get access to a growing number of articles and later screencasts about Perl and related technologies. Check out the current list of Perl Maven Pro articles.

Read it

Oh, yes. I've almost forgotten :), just read it.