The Social Padre: Facebook like button

After adding a Google +1 button to the Padre website now I also added the Facebook like button. So far Google leads 54:32 but Facebook has the advantage of showing the faces of my friends who liked it. I think it has a very powerful effect to see that people I know already trust or like something.

OTOH among geeks the both Facebook, Google+ and the whole "social networking" thing might be seen as something negative. Certainly I see some people pretending they don't care. It must be some kind of a geek-cool thing. I was left out. Again. :-(

Facebook has a and there are 267 people who liked it. Even though AFAIK it does not have a like button on the web site itself.

Anyway, if you think Padre is an important project for Perl, even if you personally don't use it and if you are either a Facebook user or a Google+ user then it is now only two clicks away to give a little bit of endorsement to Padre.

Published on 2011-07-14 by Gabor Szabo