The two solutions for the Israeli-Palestinian conflict

There are basically two ways the so-called Palestinian-Israeli conflict can end.

  1. Either the Arabs succeed in killing many Jews and expelling the rest from the area that is currently called Israel, Gaza, and West-bank (that is also called Judea and Samaria).
  2. Or the Arabs accept that the Jews have a right to live here in peace in their own country and they (the Palestinians) find a way to live with it.

Without either of those the hostility will continue for many more years with occasional flare-ups in which a few hundred or maybe even a few thousand Palestinians will die.

You might say, there are other solution as well, that the Jews and the Palestinians live together in harmony. Sure. That's exactly what the second solution is about.

So when you declare that you support the Palestinians, or you shout Free Palestine! it is important you decide which of the two solutions you support.

  • If you support the first one then I don't have much to say to you.
  • If you prefer the second then you should probably make that clear in your post.

If you are still reading then you are probably a good person who would not want to see millions of Jews killed or expelled.

In that case you might be wondering why it is important to explicitly say that you expect the Arabs (you can call them the Palestinians) accept Israel. After all that sounds obvious, right?

Well, a lot of the people, for example those talking about "From the river to the sea, Palestine will be free", or those who demand that 2-4 million Palestinians will be allowed to settle in Israel, actually prefer the first solution. Even if they don't say it explicitly.

What can you do then to help the Palestinians?

Well, maybe you could stop blaming Israel and start working on how to get the majority of the Palestinians to accept the second solution.

You could probably refrain from posting (or re-sharing or liking) messages that encourage the Palestinians to go on fighting for the first "solution".

You could probably demand from your political representatives or via social networks, that your country stop financing, directly and indirectly Hamas, The Islamic Jihad and similar organizations that by their declaration are looking for the first "solution".

You could probably demand democratization and pluralism in the areas controlled by Hamas and the Palestinian Authority.

You see, there are plenty of thing you could do.