Things I am missing from Iron Man

The main objective of the Iron Man Blogging Challenge is to encourage more people within the Perl community to promote the language to the world outside the Perl echo-chamber

There are nice things in Perl but I think it is hard to promote the language itself. Indeed, most posts were not about how awesome you can write a foreach loop in Perl...

There were posts about Moose which is ok as it shows to the outside world that Perl has a nice object system - even if it is an add-on but not many people will start using Perl because it has an nice object system.

There were posts about various little modules that can do interesting things. Things that can be interesting to people not yet using Perl. E.g. about Curses::Toolkit and Politics::AU::Geo ). The former while not on CPAN yet had nice demos, the latter pointed to the actual result page.

There were also lots of posts about Catalyst that can be interesting as a reason to learn Perl.

So while I enjoy reading the posts what I am missing is more posts on subjects that can be interesting for people who do not yet know Perl. I am missing both things that need some perl knowledge to actually use (such as the above 3 examples) but it would be nice to see posts about projects/products that do not require knowledge of Perl to start using. Projects that are written in Perl and that for advanced usage might require Perl knowledge. These would be reasons to start learning Perl.

So for example I'd like to see posts about

Bioperl, POE, PDL, Bricolage, Krang, SpamAssassin, Ack, WebGUI, RT, Gantry, Webmin, and even Bugzilla

just to name a few.

What are you missing?

Published on 2009-06-23 by Gabor Szabo