Thunderclap and the buzz for Perl

Recently Dean Hamstead pointed me to Thunderclap. It let's you support specific messages to create a "buzz".

The idea is that person A can create a short message (something that would fit in a Tweet), then lots of other people can "support" it by approving Thunderclap to send that specific message on the pre-set target name on behalf of the supporting people.

I am not sure if using this to promote the release of perl 5.20, or the publishing of the next edition of the Perl Weekly newsletter is a good idea. I am not sure if many people in the Perl community would support it, but I thought to give it a try.

So I created two Thunderclaps, one to announce the release of perl 5.20, and one for the publishing of the 146th edition of the Perl Weekly.

I know, the former is a it problematic as I can't be sure if Perl 5.20 will be indeed released on May 20, 2014 and I can't change the date of an already running campaign. (Actually I could but that would cost $45) On the other hand I have full control about the Perl Weekly and I know the next edition will be on next Monday.

So what do you think? Is this something you could support? If yes, go ahead and support it either with your Twitter, Facebook, or Thumbler.