TOP 100 CPAN packages

Adam Kennedy has just created a list of TOP 100 CPAN packages with some interesting criterion.

There are actually two lists on his site, one of them listing the heavies CPAN packages, those that have the biggest number of dependencies. These are the packages that's the hardest to install as they depend on so many other things. Padre, but especially its plug-ins are well positioned on this list. Task::Padre::Plugin::Deps that lists all the dependencies of all the plug-ins of Padre is on 6th places with 216 dependencies.

It is quite close to MojoMojo::Formatter::RSS on the 2nd place that has 277 dependencies but a long way from Task::POE::All on the first place with 748 dependencies.

Padre itself is on the 89th place with 125 dependencies.

The other list might be actually more interesting. It is the list of those packages that are used the most. Directly or indirectly. That is, if any of those modules is broken a lot of other packages are going to be broken. Here the leader is Scalar::List::Utils with 8689 other packages depending on it.

There are also some strange names there too. For example Msql::Mysql::modules on the 4th place with with 8627 packages depending on it seem to be a bug in the report. I have a hard time to believe that half of CPAN depends on something MySQL related.