I have 18 half written blog posts and 45 emails in the Draft folder. I think it is time to take a vacation or run rm -rf. Instead of that I just write a short entry. Still longer than a tweet would be.

Its is such a pleasure that I can now meet with some friends without the pressure on how to get more people interested. We just go to a restaurant. Have a few drinks. Eat a bit and talk. Or hack. Or both.

Last time we were in a weird Indian restaurant called Sub Kuch Milega where Sawyer X orders some really complex sounding meal. He got an empty plate with a ball of white rice. I think I'll try the same tomorrow.

We were sitting in the restaurant 6 of us when at the next table some girls - after probably slightly more joints than they could take - were laughing and trying to figure out why Ilan does not have a computer. He had a notebook with him with writing pen. Old school.

Anyway, before I leave this post half written let me just push this out. Oh if you are in Tel Aviv on Tuesday evening you might as well join us for our strange culinary test tour.

Just look up the next meeting of the top-posters.

Published on 2011-01-18 by Gabor Szabo