Upgrading to Ubuntu 8.04 Hardy on Compaq (HP) nc6400.

I am not sure if I am brave or stupid. I had an almost perfectly working notebook running Ubuntu 7.10 but now that 8.04 has been out for more than a month I decided to upgrade.

Actually if I am looking at from the right angle than the upgrade was quite smooth. Though I am not what advantages I am going to have - this version still uses perl 5.8.8 - but most of the system seems to be working.

A couple of issues:

The screen resolution got corrupted but after running the configuration tool Preferences/Screen Resolution and setting it to 1280x800 both my regular notebook screen and my external screen came back to their normal malfunction. I mean the regular screen is ok, but I am still missing the bottom 1.5 row from the external screen. That's especially inconvenient when using gvim in full screen mode...

The other problem with the resolution is that when showing the login screen Ubuntu thinks I have a 44" or maybe even 50" monitor. So the login prompt is not on the screen and I only see the upper left part of the Ubuntu logo.

Maybe I missed the advertisement that says this version comes with a larger monitor...

Another issue is wifi. The little icon on the upper panel does not show the available wireless networks any more. I was told that I can configure specific networks manually but hey, this used to work just a few days ago... Can I get it back please?

I checked if my slide generation tools are still working and they are, so that's ok.

Oh but Selenium stopped working as Firefox was upgraded to 3 beta 5 and Selenium only supports Firefox 2. I tried Konqueror but with no luck so far. I also tried to install Firefox 2 and create a separate profile for it but so far I could not get either of those working with Selenium.

Published on 2008-06-03 by Gabor Szabo