Vile Israel- and Jew-haters

Here is Yoseph Haddad posting about Iran and the EU the responses are just full of hatred towards Israel and Jews. Nothing to do with the specific post.

Yoseph Haddad is a well known advocate for Israel and critic of the anti-Israeli voices, but the particular Tweet had nothing to do with either Israel or Jews.

I have been following him for quite some time and basically every time he Tweets in English he gets this barrage of hatred.

I don't know how many different people are all those hateful commenters. I have not checked.

Even if those are many different Twitter accounts I can't be sure if they are real people at all, or if they are just accounts created by some Israel- and Jew-hater organization.

In either case this is very unpleasant.

Facing the fact that there are so many people with such a hatred against my country, my people.

Of course deep down I know there are a lot of people who hate us on various levels, but being exposed to it is different.

What might be even worse is that some of these people base their hatred on their own "humanity" and "social justice". I put them in quotes as I think neither of those really apply to them.

Then I looked at one his recent posts in which he pointed out a disgusting practice of using the Holocaust to try to demonize Israel. He quotes a 10 year old post, but when I visited the Twitter page of Mariam Barghouti I see she uses the same tone today as well. Posting vile Israel and Jew-hatred pretending to post facts while posting messages totally disconnected from the truth.

Just as in the "good old days" when Europeans were spreading their antisemitism.

And then I see she has 74.5K followers. That's 74.5K people who want to consume this Israel- and Jew-hatred. It's not people who are forced to listen to this like the kids in various schools under the Palestinian Authority and under UNRWA. It's people who choose to do so.

And Twitter gives a hand to this. I guess because that many followers also generate a lot of revenue to them.