Volunteer to an Open Source project with little or no programming background

On one hand there are many people out there who would like to contribute to open source projects but either don't have much time or feel that their knowledge is not enough.

On the other hand we would like to improve the quality of Padre, the Perl IDE. As it is a desktop project we find it very hard to write automated test.

I think this is an opportunity to let more people be involved in the development of Padre by offering them tasks they can do even if they have little or no programming background.

Zeno Gartner has started to write a number of use cases for Padre that builds up to become a check-list of items to be tested.

We need help in writing down similar use cases and to actually check Padre according to them before every release.

Each use case will be short, maybe 2-3 minute long so people can do one when they have a few minutes spare time. Later we will need to provide a way for people to report which use-cases have they checked, on which version of Padre, on what operating system and how did it go? Did the test pass or fail?

The pre-release checklist already has a few items on it but it needs a lot more items.

So we need people who would like to contribute but don't feel they have a lot of expertise in writing Perl and/or don't have a lot of time.

The only thing we ask is some kind of a commitment that you will help us on a regular base till you tell us otherwise.

If interested, please contact me directly or all the Padre developers:

Get on the IRC channel or mailing list of Padre and ask around.

Published on 2011-03-01 by Gabor Szabo