Wasting time on Facebook

In the past few weeks I've noticed that way too many times I visit Facebook and waste a lot of time there.


It happens when I get bored.

When a task is too difficult to do and I'd like to "relax". (In reality just procrastinate.)

When I wait for a build or test process to finish.


I went back to my old solution and edited the /etc/hosts file on my Linux box adding the following two lines: facebook.com www.facebook.com

Now every time I type in facebook.com in my browser it gives me an error page.

It would not be difficult to remove those two lines every time I would like to just "browse a bit", but this extra step used to be enough to deter me from visiting it and wasting time.

Improved solution

I also have an idea for even better deterrence, to create a page that will be served instead of facebook that might display some fun text and count the number of times I visit the page.