Weekend vs Weekday visits of Perl-related sites

I was always fascinated by the huge difference between the number of visits the Perl Maven site gets on a weekday and a weekend day. On a regular weekday there are about 3 times more visits than on a regular week-end day.

So today I compared those number provided by Google analytics for a number of Perl-related sites:

                       Weekday      Weekend    Ratio
   search.cpan.org       27,000     10,000     2.7
   perlmaven.com         10,000      3,300     3
   metacpan.org           7,000      3,500     2
   blogs.perl.org         2,000      1,000     2
   strawberryperl.com     1,400        700     2
   (daily visits)

So the Perl Maven site and search.cpan.org both have a high ratio, while the other 3 have comparatively low ration.

At first I thought it is because search.cpan.org and the Perl Maven site appeal to the more general public of Perl users (those who use Google to find solutions), while metacpan and blogs.perl.org appeal more to the "hobbyist". The people who use Perl beyond work. Or maybe only outside work.

The only problem is that I would have thought that strawberryperl.com would be closer to the "general public".

Published on 2015-02-10 by Gabor Szabo