Weekly Perl News - first issue sent out

You are busy churning out code or managing the developers. You care about Perl but don't have time to go through tens and hundreds of articles and blog posts every day. You want to keep an eye on the development of Perl without drowning in a sea of blog posts. You need someone to point out the most important news and articles in the Perl World.

That's how I opened the first issue.[1]

With this newsletter I'll try to be your guide.

The newsletter won't provide original content. I am just going to send out links with a few words of comment to the items that I found most important.

If you are a Perl junkie like me, reading all the posts the Perl community and ecosystem produces, then this newsletter will just anger you. Why did I include X and not Y? You are welcome to let me know your opinion.

If you are like the silent majority, having little time but still wanting to be up to date then, I hope, you will find this newsletter useful.

My hope is that this newsletter will serve both "simple users" of Perl and managers who run teams of Perl developer.

Here you can see the first issue and you can sign up to the free Perl Weekly.


[1] Well, except a typo that was quickly caught and reported by MDK, thanks!