What shall I work on today?

Recently I started to work towards the idea to focus on my own open source projects. This however poses a dilemma. It is not new, but today I just had that.

What shall work on today?

There are a number of open source projects I work on. I have the slides of my training material. Many parts of that are recored as videos. I always need to add more slides - these days I learn Rust and this I update those slides.

I have the OSDC site that needs a new layout that needs some markdown processing.

In each project there are plenty of things to do and I need to prioritize both among the tasks in each project and among the tasks from different projects. Some of the projects are not in the open as they more represent my thoughts about this whole thing.

Anyway, I already prepared and sent out the Perl Weekly newsletter. In the afternoon I am teaching the 3rd session of OSDC Workshop for the staff of the Azrieli college.

I need to review the material for them and then I guess I'll continue with the Rust course

Different tasks

Let me continue the thinking aloud.

There are several major aspects of what I (need to) do.

  • Develop the Digger projects
  • Develop the slides, course materials
  • Record videos
  • Promote all the projects I work on. After all without people using them, consuming them there is no real value in them.
  • Refactoring: I need to tidy my desk
  • There are many other administrative tasks (e.g. accounting) that I need to handle