What to do now?

For quite some time I thought the main problem of my online business is that I have nothing to sell. I had the "Perl Maven Pro" and "Code Maven Pro", but for a long time I hardly added any new content to it.

So when people told me how could I attract more visitors to my site using social media or SEO or whatever I had to reject those ideas. More visitors to my site would not help if I have nothing to sell them.

Finally in the last few months I started to make progress recording a Python course then a Perl course and some courses. I already have 10 courses. Some of those are finished some are still in development, but already in this partial status they can be valuable.

The subscribers also started to arrive. Not in huge numbers yet, but they started to show up.

The question I am constantly asking myself is what to do next?

  • Should I finish the courses first?
  • Should I start to invest a lot more time to bring people to my sites?
  • Should I work on the conversion rate? That is increase the number of people who already follow me to customers? If yes how?
  • Do I still need to add a few more courses that might be more attractive?

I think I am still in a similar situation where I was earlier. I had quite a few "followers", but relatively small number of customers.

I already have something to sell, but the conversion-rate is not that good yet. One thing for sure, that people need time to recognize that they might want to buy some of my courses. I published them in the last couple of weeks, but most likely only a small fraction of my followers heard about them. So I have to keep mentioning the courses on the various channels I have.

At the same time I definitely need to update the content of all the existing courses so those people who check out the courses will see more and more value in them.

While doing this I can think about more courses I'd like to plan so a few weeks from now, after I filled the existing courses, I can start recording the new ones.