What would you ask in a survey about the Perl Ecosystem?

In 2010 Kieren Diment ran the TPF Perl survey. According to his blogs the survey will be repeated every 2-3 years. I think we need to check the changes in the Perl community more often and I have a number of question that were not asked in that survey.

So the Perl Ecosystem Group is going to run a survey soon, probably in January. Based on the TPF survey I have started to build the questions and the possible answers but I think it would be important to involve you as well in the preparation.

What would you like to ask in such a survey?

I already asked this on the Dancer mailing list and on the Perl 6 users mailing list a few days ago and it is time now to ask the readers of my blog as well.

If you have ideas what would be important to ask, please either send the question and the possible answers to me or post them here.

If you have the time an energy to go over the question and help me finalize the questionary, please let me know privately.

Published on 2011-01-04 by Gabor Szabo