White Camel

I have just read that I was awarded a White Camel.

I guess I am supposed to say how unimportant that is and be super humble about it but frankly I was quite happy to receive it and I'll even be proud. After all, the list of others who have received is short but prestigious.

I was not as surprised as Tatsuhiko Miyagawa was because my nomination was - slightly embarrassingly - made public. but there are so many others who probably did much more than I did. It is an honor to receive it.

Actually thinking about the award, I am not sure people know about it or who has received it. I knew about the award only by the annual announcement but I had no idea who received it early or why? I don't think that the award has too much meaning in most of the Perl community, mainly because they hardly know about it. Besides, there are lots of people who are outside the core community who only use perl who have no idea about this.

It's a pity as the award is mostly given for various activities that are related to advocating Perl and the Perl community so I think we should also use the award for the same thing.

So I am thinking what could be done to improve the situation? The obvious thing is that we should have an image of the award that can be placed on websites of the recipients linking to the award itself. Besides that we'll see what could be done to use this as another opportunity to promote Perl.

I would like to take the opportunity and congratulate both Jacinta Richardson and Tatsuhiko Miyagawa for their awards.

In addition I'd like to thank all the Perl Mongers both in Israel and in Hungary who helped me organizing the meetings and conferences, gave talks or just came buy supporting the community.

Published on 2008-07-23 by Gabor Szabo