Wikipedia links to CPAN

I just found out how easy it is to list all the links from Wikipedia to a specific web site. So I check the two main search engines of CPAN:

Wikipedia has 780 links to while it has only 13 to

Besides my personal opinion that in almost all the cases MetaCPAN should be recommended, there is also the issue of broken and outdated links.

For example I saw a link to That's outdated (0.08 was released in 2009). Unless there is a point in linking to the old version, that link could be replaced by the stable link to Crypt::Vigenere provideing better value to the reader.

Links to authors like this one to ~chm, even if not broken, could be replaced by links to the author on MetaCPAN. For example like this one: CHM.

Strangely I also saw a broken link to perl-5.19.3, but I am not sure what is the respective link on MetaCPAN.

Besides fixing the links, it would be also interesting to see subjects in Wikipedia that have implementations in Perl and linking to that implementation. As an example, the article about Libxml2 has a link to Libxml2 on CPAN.

So if you have 5-10 minutes and would like to contribute to the Perl community, update a few links.


It turns out that the link under only 13 to only includes the links to http and not to https. In the case of MetaCPAN, https is probably the majority. This link will show the number of links to Another related met 2 days after my initial post the number were: SCO: 566, MetaCPAN http: 66, https: 182 TOTAL = 814.

Another related value is the number of links to 2 days after the original post it was 150. The TOTAL including those is 964.

Published on 2013-09-14 by Gabor Szabo