Wikipedia Articles and Paralympics

I have talked about this a lot, but I don't see any posts about this.

I wish more people contributed to Wikipedia.

Missing translations

A few years ago I wrote some code that created reports about Wikipedia. The basic idea was to find articles that are available in English, but are not available in some other language. For example Hebrew. Then try to sort them according to "importance". I think the measurement was "how many other languages have translated that page". Though one could also use the size of the page in number of characters or maybe number of words.

Then the same can be done in the other way: find articles that exist in some smaller language (e.g. Hebrew) that do not have a counterpart in English.

Wikipedia and Paralympics

We just saw the Olympic games in Tokyo and the relative success of the Israeli team (4 medals, two of them being gold) and we are heading to the Paralympic games in which Israel had a lot more success.

It is said that Israel has such a success in the Paralympic games because there are many young people who get injured while serving in the army and many of those turn to sports. However there are not that many injured soldiers and when looking at the results of Israel at the Paralympics you can see that many of the top medal winners are people who suffered from polio and not during their service in the army.

However the list of people there is very short. Some of the personal pages are missing and some are lacking a lot of information. When switching to the Hebrew version of the page you can see the list of all the medal winners, many of them having their own personal page.

However there are also many who don't have a page even in Hebrew and many whose page is rather small.

I have not checked but I guess this is similar to the list of Paralympic medalists of other countries.

IMHO it would be a really nice gesture to create all the missing pages. Fill all the pages with a lot more content. Then even translate them at least to English.