Wish list: search engine for Perl related sites

I wish there was a way to search a bunch of Perl related sites of the higher quality. The problem is that if I just run a search on Google on some Perl related subject I get responses of many web site that has very little to do with my main subject. These might be generic Unix/Linux sites with some Perl content or other places that I feel should be skipped. I could limit the search to a few (I think 10 or less) sites but there are more good sites I would include. So I wish there was a site (search.perl.org ?) that would let you search on some set of highly relevant sites. Once I started to create such a search engine using Swish-e but somehow I did not feel appropriate to go over all those site with their content mostly static.

Maybe this should be done using the Google API?

Published on 2006-07-19 by Gabor Szabo