Working with Django and the Perl Maven over 4000

While recently most of my paying work has been with Python, the Perl Maven site keeps growing.

In October I ran a 3-day long Python course, and a client kept me busy writing an application in Django. This is the first time I use Django, and I am quite impressed. Both with the documentation including the tutorials and the technology itself.

While I was busy with those paying jobs I had less time to write free articles for the Perl Maven site, but apparently the cumulative effort of the past year and a half, including that of the translators keeps the number of visitors growing.

It was only a month ago that site first passed 3000 visitors a day, and yesterday was the first time I saw it passing 4000 visitors a single day. (According to the Clicky statistics.)

Published on 2013-11-06 by Gabor Szabo