Would you like that people at FOSDEM will hear about your Perl project?

FOSDEM will take place in less than a month and the Perl stand is still waiting to be filled with interesting projects. I'am going to be at FOSDEM and I am going to give two talks. One of is 15 minute long lightning talk about Padre, the Perl IDE under the title Building an open source team, getting the project to users against the odds.

The other one is going to be in the distribution mini-conference about CPAN, packaging on CPAN and how CPAN authors and downstream packagers of the distributions (e.g. Debian, Ubuntu, Mandriva, Fedora, SuSE, etc...) can interact better. For this second talk I have 45 minutes.

So when people will come to the Perl stand Padre will be represented quite well. What about your project? Will you come to FOSDEM to show it? Is there anyone in your project who might be coming and could show it?

Even if none of the project members will come, the people who are going to be at the Perl stand will be able to show your project if you help us prepare the material. You don't have much time though as I am going to be off-line the last week of January so basically you have 10 days now to get the initial material ready.

What we will need is a tool we can use to demonstrate your project on our notebooks. We will need and easy way to install it - maybe its own live CD, maybe adding it to the live DVD Thomas Fahle created.

Remember there are going to be some 3-4000 people attending FOSDEM, but that are not Perl programmers. I am not sure what exactly to expect. I am sure people will ask questions about Perl 6 and they will want to know if Perl can be used to create web applications. So the material should be interesting enough for them to look at your project or to look at Perl and try to get them start to use it.

So, if you'd like some publicity to you project. Start talking to me now about it!