The importance of blog writing to improve your employability

In one of the recent webinars I had this epiphany about the value of writing a blog for anyone in the hi-tech world.

I used to say that is important because a future employer will be able to see the effort of the author and that will make it easier to get hired, but there is a much more important reason.

Writing articles helps you build up the skill of expressing yourself about the technological topics. It helps you become a better communicator which is good at any job, but it is getting more and more important as we work in companies where you are not co-located with all the other people.

Not only that, but better communication skills will help you in job interviews as well. It will make it easier to find a job and impress the hiring people.

So start writing a blog now!

You can use places like Wix or Wordpress, you could install your own Wordpress, or if you like to understand the technical aspects more, you could use GitHub pages.

If you are really into tech then you will even blog software. It is a great experience.

Published on 2020-07-03 by Gabor Szabo