Writing Perl 6 can be frustrating

Recently I decided to refresh my Perl 6 knowledge and to start writing my first really useful application in Perl 6. Two days ago I started writing it.

It was very frustrating. Many things have changed in Perl 6 since the last time I started to write my Perl 6 training course so I had to relearn things I already knew. In addition there are lots of things I don't know yet and that are quite different from Perl 5.

In addition, as I am using Rakudo over Parrot there are still tons of features that are broken or not yet implemented. Even among those that are specced.

All that was nothing compared to the frustration that was caused by a merge in Parrot that broke Rakudo, which has just moved to git, but there was no one on IRC who could tell me where is the latest Rakudo. So for half a day I was staring at a broken Parrot and a broken Rakudo.

Anyway, in the end, once people showed up on IRC they helped me resolve these issues. I even got a commit bit on the git repository of November, the wiki written in Perl 6 so I could fix a minor build related issue.

So now I have a new web site that is currently consists of a few static pages but those pages are already generated using Perl 6 running on Rakudo.

The web site is still very ugly with almost no content, but the first step has been made. It is about the White Camel Award