YAPC::EU 2011-4 Riga airport, passport control, spoiler warning

If you like to tackle the adventure part of going to a YAPC then stop reading right now. Minor spoiler ahead.

When I arrived to Riga Airport there was a huge crowed waiting for passport control. It looked like an hour or two to get through.

Then through the people I saw one single window for EU citizens only where there was no one waiting. I was not sure if that was because it was not really open for the public, for sure the lady behind the window looked very busy. Sort of like, please, oh please don't come to this window busy.

It took me some courage to pass the hundreds of people waiting hopelessly and preparing to lynch me but hey, I am a Perl Monger. I can handle even the worst anti-Perl trolls on the Internet. This could not be much worse!

I got through passport control within 30 seconds....

I feel brave now.

And tired.

Got up at 2 am.

BTW I bought the taxi voucher on the airplane for 13 Euro which would have cost me 14 on the ground. At least with the official BalticTaxi.

Look, they have the same color as the airline!

Anyway, I am in the hotel room now. Wifi is good. The very early birds are going to have a dinner tonight. Location will be tweeted to @yapcrussia.

Why is this called Russia anyway?

Published on 2011-08-11 by Gabor Szabo