YAPC::EU Lisbon, Thank you!

I have tons of things to say about the conference, the talks and the people I met there but let me just say this:

Thank you! All of you! It was great!

There were more than 300 people in the conference and more than 100 talks.

I attended many good talks and many more I missed as they were overlapping with each other or because I was on the hallway track.

Thanks for the great talks!

In between the talks - and sometimes instead of them - on the hallway track I managed to talk to many people. I met several friends from the previous conferences but also many people who I did not know earlier or who I only new by e-mail address or by IRC nickname.

Lots of interesting discussions, lots of good ideas, I'll about those later.

See you next year in Pisa or at an earlier Perl workshop or conference.

Published on 2009-08-10 by Gabor Szabo