YAPC::Europe 2011 survey

Filling out the YAPC::Europe 2011 survey that Barbie runs every year was a shocking experience. Again.

I saw lots of talks I wanted to attend but missed. I saw names of speakers I wanted to meet but have not.

It is the same every year.

I go to YAPC. Go to good talks. Talk to a lot of good people. In the end I find out there were a lot of other good talks I missed and a lot of people I have not talked to, during the even.

YAPC is great

This year was not an exception either. It is a very good opportunity to meet new people and catch up with old friends. Even if I miss some others during the event.

Luckily there are many reports written by the attendees. There were a number of reports coming out during and right after the conference but for some reason a few more showed up in the last couple of days.

I feel these are very important posts. I can read how others saw the event and it provides a way for people who have not attended to see what went on.

It can also provide a tool for the organizers of upcoming events to show potential visitors what can they expect.

Let me link here to all the reports I found. If I missed some, please let me know! I'd be glad to link to all of them.


Barbie gave two talks at YAPC::EU 2011. Smoking The Onion - Tales of CPAN Testers and Perl Jam - How To Organise A Conference (and live to tell the tale). The latter is a book in progress you could help writing.

Plack basics - talk at YAPC::EU 2011. Leo Lapworth (Ranguard), one of the new White Camels gave a very good talk about the basics of Plack at YAPC::EU. He already published the slides.

Leon Brocard (Acme)

Renee Baecker wrote his reports in German: This is the opening of the YAPC::EU report series by Renee Baecker in German. You can find the rest of the articles linked on his blog. YAPC::EU 2011 - Tag 0

Thomas Klausner (domm) reports: Learning about Plack, fixing bugs in Devel::Cover and giving 3 talks. YAPC::Europe 2011 report

Laurent Dami (dami) writes mostly about the city where YAPC::EU took place and not so much about the conference itself in Beautiful Riga.

Patrick Michaud (pmichaud) the lead developer of Rakudo thanking to Andrew Shitov and his crew for organizing this event. Some thoughts on YAPC::EU 2011.

Uwe Voelker (Perl-Uwe): The first entry of a series of blog posts with detailed information on what happened at YAPC::EU 2011. YAPC::EU 2011

Mark Keating (MDK) - the marketing director of The Perl Foundation describes his first day at YAPC::EU in Riga including some pictures. You can find the followup on his web site. YE2011::Day One

And the few more recent reports:

Bruno Czekay: YAPC::EU 2011 in Riga

pokorra: YAPC::Europe 2011 in Riga – "Modern Perl"

Dave Cross (davorg) YAPC::Europe Report.


Oh, yes and the survey I mentioned at the beginning.

If you are still thinking about it, please read the update of Barbie and if you have not filled it out, please do it NOW!.

Published on 2011-09-11 by Gabor Szabo