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The last time I wrote about it was back on 28 July 2016 - almost 4 years ago when I celebrated 200,000 view on my YouTube channel Then for 4 years I have not done almost anything with the channel.

About half a year ago I recorded and uploaded a bunch of videos in Hebrew, but only recently, about 2 months ago in the middle of being home-bound due to the Corona virus did I start to pay a bit more attention.

YouTube and languages

Soon I realized I should not have mixed my Hebrew-language videos with my English-language videos so I created a separate channel for Hebrew videos and moved them over.

If I was already there I also created one for Hungarian and one for Spanish videos. The former is my mother tongue so I should be able to create videos in it, but I have not discussed anything technology-related in Hungarian for, about never. The latter, Spanish is the language I have been learning for a year and a half. It is a bit presumptuous that I'll be able to create quality content in Spanish any time soon, but then again, if I start now I have a better chance to reaching something than if I postpone. Besides, it could be funny to some people to see me stumble on my own teeth and tongue while trying to record a video.

The last 2 months or so

So what happened in the last few weeks?

I've uploaded a number of technical videos and I tried to use my other platforms to get more subscribers. Specifically, the subscribers of the Perl Maven site, the subscribers of the Code-Maven Meetup page were primarily invited to the Hebrew version of the channel.

LinkedIn was utilized for that.

I've also invited the subscribers of the Perl Weekly mailing and the Perl group on Reddit.

I've also started to run interviews with recruites, HR managers, head hunters to understand their point of view of the recruitment process and thereby help all the people who would like to find a (new) job in hi-tech. I've started with the Hebrew version, but soon it was followed by an English version.

I've plenty of more things to do, but for now let's have some statistics here.

YouTube Channel Statistics

  Channel    Subscribers   Lifetime Views    Watch time (hours)
  English      1854          434,700           14,900
  Hebrew         58              783               42.2
  Spanish         3               29                0.5
  Hungarian       8               32                1.1

Published on 2020-06-19 by Gabor Szabo