CPAN client for the beginners

Every time I go to run CPAN for some reason there's more to configure. Woe. and it asks you all kinds of questions. Yeah, some of which I don't know what the best answer is to. I just get choice overload.

The above is a quote from foxfirefey who seems to be a nice person as she helped me a lot with here comments that lead to my previous posts Improving the Moose experience and Improving the Padre experience. She just isn't a power user of Perl.

Actually I get comments with similar content but in a much ruder way from other people, some of them with many years of experience.

Strawberry Perl for Windows has a CPAN client that does not need any configuration. I hope someone with the right powers and tuits will make it sure that the cpan clients that come with the Linux distributions are also going to need 0 configuration.

Published on 2009-09-16 by Gabor Szabo