People at Tech conferences: Hikes and Nature

People over Tools.

Tech conferences are great to listen to presentations and to mingle with fellow engineers, but usually they don't provide a good place to really get to know each others. Attendees, and especially the speakers have little time to talk to each individual.

Having a much more relaxed environment can have a substantial impact on communication that can lead to cooperation.

Spending a few hours together in the nature or walking around the city is an excellent opportunity for organizers, speakers, and participants to talk to each other in a more natural environment.

That's why, I am organizing outdoor events around tech conferences.

A few examples:

Budapest, Hungary


  • Sight-seeing in Jerusalem (primarily old city)
  • Hiking in the mountains of Jerusalem
  • Hiking in Nachal David near Ein Gedi, swimming in the Dead Sea
  • See Reversim Israel 2017 for Sight-seeing in Jerusalem before the conference, Hike in Nahal David - Ein Gedi and floating in the Dead Sea

Published on 2018-01-18 by Gabor Szabo