Reversim Israel 2017

Reversim Summit is an annual conference in Israel. The talks are almost exclusively in Hebrew, but this year there was a guest keynote speaker from the USA.

Videos recorded at the Rversim Summit in 2017 can be found on the Reversim site under the tag summit.

There is also a YouTube Playlist with Reversim Summit 2017 recordings.

Due to an accident I could not make public calls for the pre-conference sight-seeing, and even the hike after the coneference was only announced at the end of the first day so our party was much smaller than expected.

Sight-seeing in Jerusalem before the conference

On Saturday, the day before the conference, Randy Shoup and myself went to the old city in Jersualem and spent a nice day there. After we returned to Tel Aviv we ate way too much chocolate at Max Brenner.

Randy on the left, Gabor on the right.

Hike in Nahal David - Ein Gedi and floating in the Dead Sea

We arrived to Nachal David near Ein Gedi on Wednesday at around 11:20 with Randy Shoup. In the summer it would be impossible to make the hike starting at that hour, it would be way to warm, but in mid-October it was "only" 35 C. It was also a bit windy that made the hike more pleasant.

We took the same route as mapped here:

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It took about 2.5 hours. (Pictures will be included soon.)

We had some sandwitches and finished a bottle of water. Yeah, one needs to drink a lot there.

Then headed over to Ein Bokek the "hotel area" in the southern part of the Dead-Sea. This is an excellent place to swim, or rather float in the Dead-Sea. They also have nice showers so we could wash off the salt. We spent there about 2 hours and then at around 17:00 we headed back to Modiin where we had a nice plate of Humus and finished off with some Malabi at Humusim.

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