Reversim 2017

Reversim Summit is an annual conference in Israel. The talks are almost exclusively in Hebrew, but this year there was a guest keynote speaker from the USA.

Due to an accident I could not make public calls for the pre-conference sight-seeing, and even the hike after the coneference was only announced at the end of the first day so our party was much smaller than expected.

Sight-seeing in Jerusalem before the conference

On Saturday, the day before the conference, Randy Shoup and myself went to the old city in Jersualem and spent a nice day there. After we returned to Tel Aviv we ate way too much chocolate at Max Brenner.

Randy on the left, Gabor on the right.

Hike planned after the conference

We arrived to Nachal David near Ein Gedi on Wednesday at around 11:20 with Randy Shoup. In the summer it would be impossible to make the hike starting at that hour, it would be way to warm, but now in mid-October it was "only" 35 C. It was also a bit windy that made the hike more pleasant.

We took the same route as mapped here:

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It took about 2.5 hours. (Pictures will be included soon.)

We had some sandwitches and finished a bottle of water. Yeah, one needs to drink a lot there.

Then headed over to Ein Bokek the "hotel area" in the southern part of the Dead-Sea. This is an excellent place to swim, or rather float in the Dead-Sea. They also have nice showers so we could wash off the salt. We spent there about 2 hours and then at around 17:00 we headed back to Modiin where we had a nice plate of Humus and finished off with some Malabi at Humusim.

Published on 2017-10-15 by Gabor Szabo
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