Experimental Perl 6 training / workshop in Frankfurt

Details about the Perl 6 training I give in Frankfurt, Germany on 28th February 2009.

There is less than a week till the German Perl Workshop and my Test Automation using Perl Training in Frankfurt, Germany and I am planning what to do on the weekend between them.

The plan, as it is being discussed on the Frankfurt.pm and Darmstadt.pm mailing list and also mentioned on the German Perl Board is to spend the weekend learning Perl 6. Not Rakudo or Parrot hacking but to learn to program in Perl 6.

I have been writing my Perl 6 training material so I'd be glad to go over those slides. This means we'll learn stuff like

  • Setting up Parrot and Rakudo to be able to run Perl 6
  • Setting up Padre with the Perl 6 plug-in so we have a partial IDE for Perl 6
  • Then we go over the basic use of Perl 6 and how it differs from Perl 5.
    • Scalars
    • Basic I/O
    • Dealing with Files (I/O)
    • Control Structures (loops, conditionals)
    • Chained comparison
    • Lists and Arrays
    • Hashes
    • Subroutines, Multi dispatch subroutines, signatures
    • Junctions
  • The more advanced stuff still does not have slides but I might be be able to write a few basic ones till then, here are the subjects I'd like to cover:
    • Regexes, Grammars and Rules
    • Classes
    • Meta operators

There are some exercises already prepared that the students can solve and I hope I'll be able to help them. A large part of the time will be spent experimenting Perl 6 programming.

If you are attending the workshop at the end of the two days you will be able to write applications in Perl 6.

While in most of the cases you'll feel that you can still code in Perl 5 faster than in Perl 6 - after all you have been using it for many years - there already will be cases when you prefer to write stuff in Perl 6 as that will save you time and headache!

This training or workshop is on a cost-sharing basis. We might have some small expenses (e.g. renting a room in the Voltair Club) that we'll share.

Other than that it has no cost.

In order to get a feeling who wants to join us, please add your name on the GPW wiki

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Published on 2009-02-19 by Gabor Szabo