Facebook vs Google+ for Perl projects

I guess the two dead-lines I have next week caused me to go in full procrastination mode and search for Perl based projects on Facebook and Google Plus. There is a similar, but newer listing for Perl developers on LinkedIN.

Project/SiteFacebookGoogle Plus
Bugzilla 177 79 (+96)
CPAN 156 na
DWIM Perl 1 6 (+6)
Enlightened Perl Organization (EPO) 10 32 (+34)
Meta CPAN 123 na
Padre, the Perl IDE 108 97 (+252)
The Perl Foundation (TPF) 1,059 97 (+104)
YAPC::NA 122 126 (+176)
YAPC::EU 60 82 (+90)
Perl 5,597 1 (just created)
Perl Developer 86 (group) na
Perl GSoc 31 na
Perl Moderne (the French book) 12 na
Perl Mongers 28 (group) na
Perl Monks 18+ 33 85 (+101)
Perl Weekly 140 672 (+716)
Presenting Perl 41 na
Total 7,802 1,276

There are a lot more likes on Facebook but the vast majority is on the Perl page which, I understood correctly is just and info page. No one really controls it.

The other big difference is The Perl Foundation page that gained a lot more likes on Facebook than on Google+.

I don't compare any of these with pages of PHP, Python and Ruby based projects, but if you do, you will see some of those projects having a lot more followers.

I wonder if I missed some big Perl based projects?

Perl Monger groups

There are a few individual Perl Monger groups that maintain a page on either Facebook or Google Plus or both.

Perl MongersFacebookGoogle Plus
Atlanta.pm 29 19 (+20)
Bangalore.pm 13 na
Brno.pm 21 na
Columbus.pm na 21 (+22)
Frankfurt.pm na 22 (+24)
Houston.pm na 36 (+40)
Israel.pm 48 63 (+83)
Italian Mongers: Perl.It na 22 (+23)
Kansai.pm 20 na
Kiev.pm 17 (group) 22 (+23)
Los Angeles.pm 44 na
Pittsburgh.pm 17 na
Sydney.pm 12 39 (+41)
Utah Perl na 7 (+8)
Vienna.pm na 8 (+9)
CostaRica.pm na 13 (+14)
Cluj.pm 38 17 (+19)
Total 221 259

I believe we could utilize these social networks, in order to reach more people.

Have I missed any project or any Perl Monger group?


Added Costa Rica and Cluj Perl Mongers and Delhi.pm.

Published on 2012-04-28 by Gabor Szabo

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