Perl developers and LinkedIN

At the end of April 2012 I collected some data on the number of members of the Google+ and Facebook pages of Perl projects.

I left out LinkedIN but as Gautam Dey also mentioned, it would be interesting to see the numbers there too.

Bugzilla 263
CPAN Developers 558
Padre, the Perl IDE 50
The Perl Foundation (TPF) 704
Perl 10,042
Perl Jobs 2,990
Perl Mongers 7.085
Advanced Perl Users (JAPH) 315
Perl Jobs UK 185

Perl MongersLinkedIN
Perl Mongers India 267
Israeli Perl Mongers 183
Boston Perl Mongers 113
St. Luis Perl Mongers 99
Los Angeles Perl Mongers 81
San Francisco Perl Mongers 77
Atlanta Perl Mongers 67

There are several other Perl Monger groups there with less than 60 members. Sorry, I got tired manually looking up and copying this data.


I think there is a very big overlap among these groups. If I wanted to guess, I'd say the total number of people in any of these groups is around 12,000.

Published on 2012-08-14 by Gabor Szabo