Frequency of programming languages on LinkedIn

Three years ago, in December 2004 I conducted a little research to see which programming language is mentioned more times on LinkedIn.
Here are the links: Perl in LinkedIn country wise (December 2004) and Business readiness of programming languages (November 2004) (frequency of programming languages in LinkedIn).

In order to amend that and to provide some fresh input to Interview in Zulo I tried to run the search again. As it turns out some times ago LinkedIn stopped showing the numbers over 500. So doing the research world wide is totally useless as every search shows 500+ hits.
Hence this time I restricted my search to Israel.
It is not representative for others but at least there are not many Python or Ruby programmers in Israel (and in LinkedIn) whom I won't see in my network.

Linux500+To be here as reference
Basic455also includes "basic knowledge of Foo"
Visual Basic239
C/C++/C#0I am not sure how to search for C programmers

Sure this is yet another meaningless comparison but at least in this one Perl comes out ahead of all the dynamic languages...

As a reference, in my LinkedIn network I have 535 contacts, 58,800+ people at two degrees and 2,525,900+ people at 3 degrees.

Published on 2007-12-08 by Gabor Szabo