Interview in Zulo

Later that day with Sun, I was interviewed for the Zulo web site.
It was fun.

First of all it took as several weeks to be able to fix the meeting but in the end we met in a coffee shop in Tel Aviv. I was asked to bring my own camera and if possible a stand to have it stable. As I did not have a stand yet, this was a good opportunity to buy one. In any case, if you want to get interviewed, make sure you bring your own equipment

First Yael Talmor (also known as VAYA Research Center) came. She is running the web site from her non-profit organization. Later Meital Bourvine joined us who is actually conducting the interviews.

Soon it turned out that the place where we met is not good for the interview, it was too noisy and that we should have a microphone anyway. So we went trying to find a shop to buy a mic that will fit the camera. We could not find one. Then came the suggestion to create a podcast with voice only as it is better than picture with bad sound. But we could not find a suitable recorder on our computers.
So back to the idea of camera. First Yael tried the camera she brought but soon it turned out she does not know how to view the film after she took it so we switched to my camera...
You see, it is good to go to an interview prepared...

The interview then went well, I personally enjoyed it very much. I hope they are going to put it on the web site soon.

We talked about Perl, for some reason no one can avoid the question why not Python or why not PHP (this time I was not directly asked about Ruby on Rails) so we talked about those too. One of the issues was which language is use more. I mentioned TIOBE and that it is only one of the measurements. I can see this month is the first time Python surpassed Perl. So there might be a trend after all.

I wonder what will the release of 5.10 and more importantly Perl 6 do to this trend?
I guess 5.10 won't make any change (in the popularity trend) while Perl 6 might.

I also mentioned the small research I have conducted 3 years ago in December 2004.
I fetched the frequency each programming language is mentioned in LinkedIn:
Here are the links: Perl in LinkedIn country wise (December 2004) and Business readiness of programming languages (November 2004) (frequency of programming languages in LinkedIn) and the next blog entry: Frequency of programming languages on LinkedIn

Published on 2007-12-06 by Gabor Szabo