Hiking after Craft Conference 2019 in Budapest

If you like nature, nice views, and would like to get away from the city after you've enjoyed the Craft Conference, then you are invited to this cave visit and short hike in the hills on the outskirts of Budapest.

Date: May 11, 2019. from 10:00 till about 14:00-15:00.

Assuming the weather permits.

Past hikes

After Craft Conf 2017 a couple of us went on a hike in the hills of Budapest. You can see our plan for 2017 and results in 2017.

After Craft Conf 2018 we had another hike. You can see our plan for 2018 and results in 2018.

The gist

We are going to visit the Pál-völgyi Cave then walk up to the Hármashatár-hegy and end our journey at Daubner pastry shop.


We meet at the entrance of the cave at 10:00. The guided tour starts at 10:15 and we don't want to miss it.

The address of the cave entrance is Szépvölgyi út 162, Budapest 1025.

Take bus number 65 or 65a from Kolosy tér (Kolosy square) that leaves at 9:48. (Don't miss it as that would make you miss the entrance.)

Bus number 29 also passes near-by.

The route

First we go on a guided tour in the cave. It is supposed to last 60-90 minutes. The guide will speak both Hungarian and English. Then we hike up to the Guckler Károly kilátó (viewpoint) on Hármashatár-hegy which is about 280 m higher than our starting point and about 390 meter above the Danube.

The approximate route can be seen on this map:

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We end our hike at the Daubner cukrászda, which is probably the best pastry shop in the city. That will help us topup the calories lost during the hike.

It is near the Kolosy tér (Kolosy square) where you got on the bus.

What to bring

In the cave we can expect 11 C so you need to bring warm clothes!!! and good shoes. Do NOT come in flip-flops or anything open! There are ladders and slippery slopes in the cave.

Enough battery in your phone to last the trip. An apple or comparable fruit. One liter of water.


The entrance to the cave cost 1,950 HUF/person the last time I checked. In addition we'll take an English language guide that costs 8,000 HUF/group. So expect an additional 500-800 HUF depending on the number of people in the group. You will pay for your bus tickets (unless you have some free pass) and whatever you spend in the pastry shop...

Rain day

If it is rainig we can still visit the cave and the pastry shop.


It would be important to notify me if you are planning to join us. Send an e-mail to Gábor Szabó szabgab@gmail.com letting me know if you are coming and how many other guests are you bringing with you. I'd like to have an idea how many people to expect and I need to tell the cavemen (the people who run the tours) how many people to expect.

In response I'll also send you my mobile number in case you need last minute communication.

There is also a channel in the Slack of the conference.

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