Resources for learning Hungarian

I learned Spanish online and as some of my familiy memebers wanted to learn Hungarian I thought I could put together a list of suggestions I found on how to learn Hungarian as a second language when you don't live in Hungary. Especially how to do it online.

Duolingo has a course teaching Hungarian for English speaker. I used Duolingo to learn Spanish and I played with the Hungarian version a few times. I don't know how good is the beginning part teaching the extra letters and the sounds, but the rest is not bad. There are a number of other language learning apps. Some of them specialize on Hungarian, some are generic that might also have a Hungarian course. Try them.

italki has people to have live video-chat with. When I checked in March 2023 there were 62 Hungarian teachers. 59 of them native speakers and 56 of them also speak English. I am not sure how good it is for total beginners, but once you did Duolingo or similar for a few months on a daily basis, it is an excellent way to practice. I personally had classes with more than 30 different teachers. With most of them we had really nice conversations.

I found the podcast of Hungarian with Sziszi fun, but now that I looked at her web-site again it says levels A2-B2, so it is not for the A1 beginners. (These levels are from the CEFR).

I found the Magyar OK site has some books and audio.

In order to write in Hungarian you need to install the Hungarian language pack on MS Windows or Linux. Some Android keyboard (e.g. I use one called Microsoft SwiftKey) allow you to add multiple languages and that way you can type the accented vowels: a á e é i í o ó ö ő u ú ü ű.

Libra books has a selection of language books.

There are quite a few youtube videos for hungarian for beginners.